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Individual Travel to Taiwan is officially launched for Wenzhou Residents
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Three Ladies, the First Batch of Wenzhou Residents, Get the Individual Tourist Permits to Taiwan.


Such noted scenic areas as Ali Mountain (Alishan), the Sun Moon Lake (Ri Yue Tan), Taroko Gorge , Shilin Night Market will be closer to Wenzhou residents now. They can travel around the Treasure Island Taiwan on a totally self-arranged schedule. After Hangzhou and Ningbo, Wenzhou is the third pilot city in Zhejiang Province where residents are allowed to visit Taiwan as individual tourists.

On yesterday’s opening ceremony, Jin Xiaoli, together with another two Wenzhou residents, got the Exit & Entry Permits to Taiwan. She excitedly told the reporter that she had made her own 15 days arrangement for the journey, though she’d visited Taiwan with a group before, which was too rushed as the itinerary was arranged by the travel agency. Another Wenzhou resident Fang Fang said that she planned to visit Taipei and Kaohsiung instead of attending Circle Island Sightseeing Tour as before which was very tiring.

Li Weizhong, the director of Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Wenzhou Public Security Bureau reminded those residents who planned to apply for an Exit & Entry Permit to Taiwan that other than a pass of Mainland residents to Taiwan and an Endorsement of the Individual Visit, they need consult qualified travel agencies or related websites. When traveling in Taiwan, they should observe local laws and regulations and streamline their travel arrangements avoiding overstay, he added.

The implementation of allowing traveling across the Taiwan Straits as individual tourists means Wenzhou residents can move about freely during the travel in Taiwan, which has broken through some restrictions of group tour and provided Wenzhou-Taiwan residents with more convenient and faster way of communication. This is generally welcomed by compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. A senior official of the Municipal Taiwan Affairs Office said, that Wenzhou’s getting the pilot city qualification of allowing individual travel to Taiwan is of great significance to promote economic and trade and cultural exchange between Taiwan and Wenzhou. And this will surely accelerate the tourist industry of Wenzhou.

With the beginning of application for individual travel to Taiwan, the number of applicants is increasing. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the heads of Exit-Entry Management Division of Wenzhou Public Security Bureau and Wenzhou CITS (China International Travel Service) with some questions that many residents concern about.  


Q: Can Exit & Entry Permit to Taiwan be transacted via urgent service?

A: There is no such a service up to now. As a rule, quota will be given in chronological order of submitting the materials. In the case of quota abundance, the application will be handled within 5 to 10 workdays.Although only Wenzhou CITS has the qualification to grant Exit & Entry Permit to Taiwan in Wenzhou area, people also can choose other qualified travel agencies in other cities.


Q: If we plan to have a Taiwan individual travel during the National Day Holiday this year, when should we finish going through all the procedures at the latest?

A: It depends. Every day, there is a quota of 5840 individual travelers shared by 36 pilot cities, so the quota remaining is changing all the time. Those who plan to have a Taiwan individual travel during the National Day Holiday this year are advised to deal with the Pass and make ready with relevant materials of Taiwan Exit & Entry Permit by the end of August.


Q: How much shall we pay for getting a Taiwan Exit & Entry Permit?

A: Regularly it’s 228 Yuan.  At present it’s only 198 Yuan on the official website of CITS.


Q: What are worthy of attention for Mainlanders traveling Taiwan as individual tourists?

A: Be legal and polite. Mainlanders can leave for Taiwan at open ports by themselves and have to be back within the required time. During the visit in Taiwan, if the tourists have to stay overdue due to some irresistible causes such as natural disasters, major diseases and so on, related administrative department in Taiwan will inform the department concerned in mainland. When the irresistible causes disappear; tourists may go back to mainland by themselves.


Q: How will overstaying in Taiwan without justified reasons be handled?

A: In that case, the related administrative department in Taiwan will inform the department concerned in mainland. Those who make minor and undesirable offenses can go back to mainland themselves. In serious cases, the related administrative departments of both sides will arrange sending the offenders back to mainland. According to the certain rules, the illegal overstayers will be restricted for leaving mainland once again. Those who illegally overstay in Taiwan or engage in other illegal activities there will be subjected to punishment according to some laws.


Q: Are there any suggestions for individual travelers during the National Day Holiday?

A: It is predicted that there will be a blowout in the number of Mainlanders traveling Taiwan as individual tourists during the National Day Holiday this year, so residents are suggested to avoid that Golden Week. Since the resources of transportation and hotels are limited in Taiwan, it’s a better to choose group tour or semi-self-service tour with high cost performance during holidays and festivals. Actually, residents can visit Taiwan during September to November which is the best season for people to travel across Taiwan. It is also a good idea to select one or two cities and have a in-depth tour. For example, you can take high-speed rail from Taipei to Kaohsiung, and then go to Kenting for amusement by sightseeing bus. Thus you can enjoy a leisure tour from north to south of Taiwan.

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