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2014 China Wenzhou Outdoor Challenge
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2014 China Wenzhou Outdoor Challenge

2014 China Wenzhou Outdoor Challenge is initiated under the auspices of the General Administration of Sport of China and the Wenzhou Municipal Government. The event aims to promote Wenzhou's beautiful landscape and abundant tourism resources, develop a national outdoor sports base for the city, and boost its sports and recreation industry.


2014 China Wenzhou Outdoor Challenge


Embrace challenge in Wenzhou

3.Sponsors and Organizers

Sponsors:Mountaineering Administrative Center of the General Administration of Sport of China、Chinese Mountaineering Association、Zhejiang Sports Administration、Zhejiang Tourism Administration、Wenzhou Municipal Government

Organizers: Publicity Department of CPC Wenzhou Committee、Wenzhou Sports Administration、Wenzhou Tourism Administration、Pingyang County Government、Taishun County Government、Cangnan County Government、Wenzhou Sports Federation

Co-organizers: Lucheng District Government、Longwan District Government、Ouhai District Government、Managing Committee of Wenzhou Ecological Park、Wenzhou Mountaineering Association

Partner: Wenzhou Qingniao Sports Culture Media CO.,LTD


4-day race from Apr.12 to Apr.15

Day 1 Opening Race

Date: Saturday Apr.12, opening race starts at 9:30 am

Locations: Wenzhou Sports Centre, Jinxiu Road, Chezhan Avenue, Oujiang Road, East Wangjiang Road, Guogongshan Hill, Tanghe River, Sanyang Wetland, Xianyan Community, Daluoshan Mountain, Chashan Community

Disciplines: roller skate, kayak, mountain bike, trek, ropes, etc.

Course length: approx 54 km

Time estimates:approx 260 min

Course:Wenzhou Sports Centre (starting point, roller skate) - Jinxiu Road - Chezhan Avenue- Oujiang Road – East Wangjiang Road – Guogongshan Hill Sluice (TA1, climb the rope net,then change to kayak)-市区水域 – Sanyang Wetland – Xianyan NO.1 Middle School(TA2/RA, disembark, mandatory rest for 15min, change to mtb)- Dongzhang Village–Paiyan Village – Xiuyang Reservoir (TA3, change to trekking) – Tianhexi Reservoir – Shaozidun – Guang'ao (TA4, adventure skills) – Shizu ( AV, ropes ) – Wumeijingyuan Park – Wolang Road – West Zhongxin Road – East Gate of Wenzhou University (finish line)

Day 2

Date: Sunday Apr.13, race starts at 8:00 am

Location:within Pingyang County

Disciplines: trek, kayak, mountain bike, adventure skills (building rappelling) etc.

Course length: approx 90 km

Time estimates: approx 380 min

Course:South Yandang Scenic Area (starting point, trek), Litou Village - Han Village – Hubei Village – Pumei Village (TA1,change to kayak) – Yongsheng Whaf (TA2/RA, disembark, mandatory rest for 15min, change to mtb) – Chenxinxian – Tangguwai Village – Sisha Village- Sansha Village – Ersha Village – Xigucang- Qingshan Village – Tianhu Village – Wind Farm – Fengmen Village – Daping Village – Yantai Village – Fenghuang Village – downtown Pingyang (TA3/AV, change to building rappelling) - finish line.

Day 3

Date: Monday Apr.14, race starts at 8:00 am

Location:within Cangnan County

Disciplines: trek, kayak, mountain bike, adventure skills etc.

Course length: approx 83 km

Time estimates: approx 343 min

Course:Coruse:Pucheng Community (starting poit, run) – Puzhuangsuo Fortress (AV1, orienteering)- Memorial Archway(TA1, change to trekking)- cross Provincial Highway 232 and Provincial Highway 78 – Dagu Village – Banling – Xiayin – Gongsheng'an – Xiaojian – Dingli – Wang Sun – Yuliao (AV2, dig beach sand,then change to kayak at TA2) – Wangjiashan Village (RA/TA3, mandatory rest for 15 min,change to mtb) – Xiaolingtou Village – Sanmutiantou – Getou Village – Gaoyangshan Village – Tiantou – Shuangkengkou – Xiaoxi – Meijiao – Majiashan – Shantoutian – Dapushan Village – Yangxin – Yangweiyuan Village – Yangtou Village – Dadinggang – Shizai Village – Yanshengtingxian – Shizhuge – Tijiao – Dunyang – Dunyangge – Yangjiakeng – Weidun – Lian'ao Village – Huijiang Village – Xinling Village – Oushan Village – Dafengjiao – Xixin Village (TA4, change to trekking) – South Chengzhong Road – Chengzhong Road – Gongyuan Road ( AV3, climb the wall) – the square of Cangnan People's Park (finish line)

Day 4

Date:Tuesday Apr.15, race starts at 8:30 am

Location: within Taishun County

Disciplines: trek, kayak, mountain bike, adventure skills (bridge rappelling) etc.

Course length: approx 52 km

Time estimates: approx 260 min

Course: the iron suspension bridge of Baihe Resort (starting point, bridge rappelling, then kayak-orienteering) – Feiyun Lake Hongkou Community (TA1/RA, mandatory rest for 15 min, change to mtb) – Shakeng Village - Shangren Village – Xiaren Village – Xianju Bridge ( TA2, change to trekking) – Taishun Sports Centre (finish line)

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