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21 International Students from Wenzhou Medical University Join in Non-remunerated Blood Donation
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On October 18, Students of Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) actively participated in a blood donation event held by WMU. More than 20 “foreigners Like Hero Leifeng” from the School of International Studies donated blood to embody the spirit of “Love without Borders”. It was the first blood donation for many of these international  blood donors.

Overseas students from West Asia and Africa were particularly eye-catching among those enthusiastic WMU blood donors. A student from Bahrain carrying a Chinese name - Wen Meili (literally, Wenzhou Beauty) said she would like to be a beauty both inside and outside. She said: “this is my first time to donate blood and I feel excited and nervous.”

Jason from Mauritius seemed a little shy. According to the blood donation staff, he has been in Wenzhou for more than three years and has donated blood for at least six times. As his birthday falls on the day before World Blood Donor Day (June 14th ), he sometimes even specifically donated blood in the blood donation vehicle to celebrate his birthday. According to Zhu Minjie, the person in charge of Xinlin Youth Volunteers Association of the School of the 2nd Clinical Medical Sciences of WMU, it was the first time to systematically organize international  students to participate in such a blood donation event. A total of 25 international  students from South Africa, Bahrain, India and other countries signed up for donation.

Subsequently, our reporter interviewed Bao Chunjue from the Office of Blood Donation Leading Group of Wenzhou about the issue of blood donation of foreigners.

Reporter:Is there any rejection reaction of using the blood of international  students in local people?

Bao:If the blood is tested as qualified and the blood type matches, it can definitely be transfused for the needs of the local people.

Reporter: what kind of testing should be done?

Bao: The same test for local people: a medical examination of the donor should be carried out. The blood pressure should be measured and blood samples should be tested to preliminarily confirm that the donor is free of hepatitis B, syphilis and other blood-borne diseases before taking the blood. After the blood is taken back to the city’s Blood Center, further tests of hemoglobin, blood ammonia, etc. will be conducted. The blood can only be used when all the indicators are in line with the requirements.

Reporter: Are there any relatively rare blood types in the blood of foreigners?

Bao: Rh negative blood, a blood type as rare as panda, can be found in some European and American people. It is a very rare blood type as only 0.34% of the population in China has Rh negative blood. However, the proportion of Rh negative blood in white people can be up to 15%.

Reporter: What kind of blood Rh negative blood is?

Bao: As we know, the four blood types of A, B, O, and AB-type belong to the ABO blood group system. In fact, there are dozens of blood types or systems. The ABO blood group system and Rh blood group systems are the most widely used and most important blood types. A few months ago, a newborn suffering from an Rh hemolytic disease in Wenzhou was in critical condition and was saved by public blood donation. The proportion of people with rare blood types is small, but they should never be neglected.

Reporter: Is there any case of successful use of the blood donated by a international er in Wenzhou?

Bao: According to the blood bank data, since 2007, more than 40 people from Japan, the United States, Mauritius, India and other countries have donated blood in Wenzhou and some of the donated blood has been successfully put into use.

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