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“Chinese Culture Land” Performance to Go into America from Wenzhou
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On the afternoon of January 3rd , a special art performance was on at Wenzhou Chidren’s Art School(WCAS), which will be held in America 20 days later. The guests present were Zhou Hong, deputy director of the Cultural Division of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council(OCASC), Qiu Huaping and Xu Jie ,director and deputy director of the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government(FOCAOWMPG).
It was learned that the “Chinese Culture Land”talented children exchange troupe, hosted by the OCASC and co-organized by the FOCAOWMPG and WCAS this year, will be on a 12-day exchange performance in America. Yesterday, the troupe staged spectacular magics, dances, Yue Opera, marshal arts, ethnic instruments performance, “Duiyu”,a children rap performance with Wenzhou local features and so on to organizers and the audience for their collective inspection and it has won warm applause from time to time.   
Nineteen members of this troupe, whose age range from 10 to 18, include Xie Xuanxuan, winner of the Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award for Children, Peng Xiaoyi, national winner of the Gold Award for “Happy Sunshine”Children Singing Gala, Chen Yihao, winner of the Gold Award for Performing Lute in the Children Group, Zhang Muer, winner of the Gold Award for Language Project of the “Sunshine Flower” Chinese Children’s Art Festivel National Finals, Xu Yang, the 5th generation of the Mo School Magic, Sun Zijian, the youngest signed entertainer by Hunan Satellite TV, Lu Xiaojie, winner of the Gold Award for Guangxi Acrobatics Competition and so on.
Head of the FOCAOWMPG introduced that the exchange troupe will hold several performances at Washington,DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles respectively to establish a mutual exchange platform for Chinese culture and cultures of other countries, to promote the recognition and fondness of overseas Chinese youths to Chinese culture as well as to enhance friendship between Chinese and foreign youths with this form of talent shows. 
It is learned that the “Chinese Culture Land”is a brand activity held overseas by the OCASC and since its start in 2011, it has attracted more than 20 countries and over 20,000 campers. And this time, related departments of Wenzhou, especially a school for the first time, were credited with the honor to organize it, which shows the full affirmation of the OCASC to the achievements of Wenzhou in overseas Chinese affairs and overseas Chinese language education.

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